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This reading is about discovering the intersections of what you're good at, what fulfills you, and what can sustain you. That intersection has been named by the Japanese as Ikigai. Through geomancy we can look at the areas in your life that you've been neglecting, possibly ignoring the thing you can build your whole career on top of.

Like in every reading I offer, this one employs both geomancy and psychology - It creates a map of the self and looks at the emotions and connections nested there. This process may reveal patterns of self-sabotage, fear of vulnerability, or unresolved issues from past relationships. By identifying these roadblocks, you can then take proactive steps towards self-improvement and personal growth.

František Kupka's artwork n° 24 from the artbook "Quatre Histoires de Blanc et Noir"

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what to expect

My readings are divided into 3 stages:

The Question

The Answer

The Path

mountain path

Exactly what we ask and how we ask it is crucial. First, we must define what you're feeling and identify the root cause in order to get the guidance you need. This also includes picking the right medium through which to receive the answer. Each material suits a different kind of root to the question.

Then, I channel the answer through a fortune-telling technique called geomancy. For this step your participation is key, as the message is trying to find you. Focusing on your question and directing your energy to it will ensure none of the interpreter’s own energy sipping through and skewing the message.

Finally, with the answers provided by geomancy, we must craft a path forward for your ambitions to come to fruition. I interpret the answers given, finding connections to your situation and together we define the right steps to take to reach your goals, by either avoiding negative outcomes or leaning into the positive ones.

Image by Mathias Reding

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