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Who is Itanú

I'm Itanú from the Charrúa Nation. I'm indigenous and non-binary. My journey through this labyrinth of existence has been one of adversity and growth.

During the hardest times I've faced, I turned to divination to help me find my way back. To help me find the sore spots I needed to massage, and even to find closure.

So, here I stand, an amalgamation of identities, a seeker of truths, wanting to share my gift with other people who are in search of themselves. Join me as we navigate the mysteries of existence together, embracing the beauty of the unknown and the magic that lies within.


The Charrúa Nation is the indigenous tribe from lands spanning Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. My people have a connection with the earth not only as a planet, but also as an element. My name, Itanú, translates to "the pulse of the rocks". Sadly, most of our beliefs and traditions were lost during colonization. But our connection stands strong.


Geomancy, literally translated as "earth divination", is a fortune-telling technique that relies on the earth element. It has a uniquely grounded energy that differentiates it from other forms of divination, like tarot. A lot of people even describe it as "blunter".

It's part of the same family of divination as I Ching, Vastu Shastra and Ifá. The one I employ in my practise is believed to have come from the Arab world. It was exported into Europe, changing it's name from ‛ilm al-raml to geomancy along the way, and remained virtually unchanged since then.


Think of it as a tool of self-discovery. For each question you make the geomancer, we craft an entire chart to get the whole picture. Let's say you've been enamoured with a person who, for one reason or another, doesn't seem to appreciate you the way you'd want them to. With geomancy, we can get to the root of the issue. Is this person just not the right fit or are they internally struggling with a fear of compromise? Or is it that you have some people-pleasing tendencies that are steering you into a person who can't actually give you what you need?

Sometimes, it's our own demons getting in our way.

Hojas de té
František Kupka's artwork n° 2 from the artbook "Quatre Histoires de Blanc et Noir"


Explore your past and learn how to move towards a better future

František Kupka's artwork n° 4 from the artbook "Quatre Histoires de Blanc et Noir"


Find out what roadblocks are keeping you from romantic fulfilment

František Kupka's artwork n° 24 from the artbook "Quatre Histoires de Blanc et Noir"


Discover where your proficiency lays and what you can build with it


Uncover the hurdles and joys hidden in your future and learn what to avoid

František Kupka's artwork n° 6 from the artbook "Quatre Histoires de Blanc et Noir"
Image by Mathias Reding

Learn how to rise above any hurdle



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